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Author Ally Condie
Country United States
Language English
Series Matched trilogy
Genre Young adult/
Publisher Dutton Juvenile
Publication date
November 30, 2010
Media type Print (Hardback Or Softback)
Pages 384
ISBN 9780142419779
OCLC 712116974
LC Class PZ7.C7586 Mat 2010
Followed by Crossed

Matched, by Allyson Braithwaite Condie, is a story about a seventeen year old girl named Cassia Maria Reyes. In Cassia's society, you are matched at age 17. Cassia is matched with her best friend, Xander Thomas Carrow. This is a surprise to both of them. When viewing the microcard with Xander's information on it, the screen displays an acquaintance of Cassia's, Ky Markham. Though Ky and Cassia were not as close as Xander and Cassia, she still finds herself conflicted about who she loves and whether the Society is all that it seems to be. This book is followed by Crossed and Reached.


Seventeen year-old Cassia lives in a futuristic, dystopian society where the citizens' lives are strictly controlled by the government. At the age of seventeen, citizens undergo a process known as "matching"- becoming paired up with another boy/girl selected by the authorities. She ends up being matched with her best friend, Xander Thomas Carrow, and is at first excited about their future together. However, when she's at home viewing her micro card on the port, something flashes and a familiar face pops up on the screen; Ky Markham, another friend of Cassia's. She is confused because she was matched with Xander and Ky is an aberration, someone who has done something wrong or is related to someone who has. An aberration is someone who will never be matched. Cassia soon starts to fall in love with Ky during her summer leisure; hiking. Throughout the book Cassia is forced to try and forget about the image of Ky on the port and focus on her true match Xander. But, that is difficult for Cassia knowing someone else could be her match too. Throughout the novel Cassia has to face choices and rebellion against the officials which makes life even harder. As it says on the synopsis of the book, she must choose between passion and perfection.

Main Characters[edit]

Cassia Reyes[edit]

The 17-year-old female protagonist of the novel. Cassia lives within the Society with her parents, Abran and Molly Reyes, and her younger brother, Bram. Upon her 17th birthday, she is Matched, as is every other citizen who isn't an aberration/related to one. She has been matched with Xander Carrow, a fun, intelligent boy whom she has known her entire life. But, when a glitch in the matching system appears, Cassia sees Ky's face instead of Xander. Now she questions, does she want Xander? Or will it be Ky?

Xander Carrow[edit]

Xander is Cassia's childhood friend, and has been Matched with Cassia. (It is unusual for people who already know each other to be matched) He has secretly loved her for as long as he can remember. Xander is a sweet boy who wants nothing but the best for Cassia.He will do anything to keep the ones he loves safe. He is also good friends with Ky Markham; they both belong to the same social circle with Cassia and a few others. Xander is the unequivocal golden boy: he gets high grades, he's statistically near perfect, and he is someone that many of his peers look up to. He has many good qualities.He is loving, understanding, and is willing to do anything for someone he loves.—a perfect Match for Cassia.

Ky Markham[edit]

Ky is an Aberration, a person who has been revoked of Citizen status because of his father's acts against the Society. Ky was adopted by Aida Markham, and Patrick Markham as a replacement for their son who was murdered, something that never happens in the Society. Because he was an Aberration, he was never allowed to be put into the official Matching pool. Ky secretly harbors strong feelings towards Cassia, even though she has been matched with Xander.

Inspirations and publishing history[edit]

The idea for Matched was presented in 2008 when Condie's husband asked her, "What if someone wrote the perfect algorithm for lining people up, and the government used it to decide who you married, when you married, etc.?" Condie was also inspired by a time when she chaperoned a high school prom as well as other experiences, such as falling in love and becoming a parent. It took her about nine and a half months to write the book.[1]


Matched received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, who praised Condie for "[peeling] back layer after dystopic layer at breakneck speed". The reviewers noted its similarity to The Giver but said it is "a fierce, unforgettable page-turner in its own right".[2] Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times called it a "wonderful debut," praising the way Condie used the style of writing to reflect Cassia's feelings.[3] Darienne Hosley Stewart, reviewing for Common Sense Media, gave Matched four out of four stars, praising Condie for "[crafting] a fine addition to the genre" that was a "great coming-of-age story" rather than a "hand-wringing love triangle, or a ho-hum story of teen rebellion". She also thought the characters were "complex and surprising" and Cassia's awakening and understanding of the Society "[felt] authentic".[4]

Film adaptation[edit]

Disney purchased the film rights to the Matched trilogy on September 16, 2010, Ally Condie's birthday, before the book had been released. Paramount Pictures had taken part in the bidding war, but Disney eventually won. Adam Shankman (who directed A Walk To Remember and directed and produced Hairspray) and Jennifer Gibgot have signed on to produce the film.[5] The production has begun. Kieran Mulroney is hired to write the screenplay, which Jon Chu will direct.


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