Matti Caspi

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Matti Caspi
Matti Caspi portrait.jpg
Background information
Birth name Matti Caspi
Born (1949-11-30) November 30, 1949 (age 65)
Kibbutz Hanita Upper Galilee, Israel
Genres Jazz, Pop, rock, Brazilian-Latin, Middle eastern, gypsy
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Voice
Years active 1967–present
Labels NMC Music Limited
Associated acts Ehud Manor
Yehudit Ravitz

Matti Caspi (Hebrew: מתי כספי‎) is an Israeli composer, musician, singer, and lyricist. Born in 1949, he is regarded as one of Israel’s top musicians.

His music style is difficult to classify. He is influenced by classical music, Brazilian and Latin music, Jazz, Rock and other genres. It is possible to hear all these influences in his music. Sasha Argov was one of the musicians who had a large influence on him; Caspi recorded 2 albums of his songs in cooperation with Argov.


Caspi was born in 1949 in Kibbutz Hanita in the Upper Galilee, and is of Romanian ancestry on his grandfather's side.[1] He studied piano at the conservatory in Nahariya.

In 1990 Caspi left his first wife and children and re-married in 1994 in California, after being granted a divorce by the Beverly Hills Rabbinical Court while the case was still pending in Israel. In 2002, a Tel Aviv court determined that he was still legally married when he married again in 1994, found him guilty of bigamy, and imposed a six months suspended sentence and a small fine.[2][3]

Musical career[edit]

For his service in the army, he served as a performer in the Southern Command Troupe. He formed a trio with two of his friends, Gadi Oron and Ya’akov Noy, called The Three Fat Men. With this trio Caspi came out with his first big hit, Ani Met (I am dying).

After his service this trio became the They Don’t Care trio. In the Yom Kippur War he toured army bases along with Leonard Cohen, who arranged his song Lover, Lover, Lover with Caspi. During the 70s he worked closely with Ehud Manor, another Israeli songwriter, and released some of his most popular songs: Lo Yadati SheTelchi Mimeni (I Didn’t Know You Would Leave Me), Brit Olam (Covenant of Love), and Shir HaYonah (The Song of the Dove).

Over the next few decades, Caspi had a prolific musical career, released dozens of records and collaborated with some of the biggest and most well known Israeli artists of the time: Shlomo Gronich, Ehud Manor, Yehudit Ravitz, and Shalom Hanoch.

He has released several more albums, of which the latest is Nefesh Te´oma (Soul Mate) released in 2010.

Caspi has released close to 1,000 songs, both remakes of older songs and his original creations. His musical style is well known, especially for his harmony and popular writing style. Musicologist Tzipi Fleischer said:

"He is the genius among his fellow artists, he set an important milestone in the history of the music of the world. Caspi has invented his own new musical language. As I sit and analyze his harmonies I find myself amazed all over again each time. The fact that he functions as the performer, arranger and conductor has formed a certain reservedness and introversion, but the truth is that he is a musical wild man. He is the one who promoted sophistication and western standards to the region."

With some Israeli artists (chiefly Riki Gal), he not only took on the role of composer, but also of the producer. For Riki's 1996 album Ohevet otcha yoter (I Love You More), he took responsibility for complete production and also songwriting.


Caspi has released dozens of albums in the decades he has been working in the Israeli music industry. A list of some of his albums follows.

  • They Don’t Care (1972)
  • Behind the Sounds (1973)
  • Matti Caspi – the First Solo Album (1974)
  • Matti Caspi – the Second Solo Album (1976)
  • Side A Side B (1978)
  • Another Side (1980)
  • Twilight (1981)
  • Behind the Sounds 1984 (1984)
  • My Second Childhood (1984)
  • Side C Side D (1987)
  • Crazy Paiz Tropical (1987)
  • One to One (1988)
  • Matti Caspi sings Sasha Argov / Mattityahu and Alexander (1990)
  • Songs in Tomato Sauce (1990)
  • The First Time A Caspi / They Don't Care Collection (1992)
  • Buba Matti (1992)
  • Matti (1993)
  • Matti Caspi and Ehud Manor: the Great Songs (1994)
  • Cherished Dreams (1995)
  • Live in Arad (1997)
  • Another World (1998)
  • Media Direct Collection (1999)
  • Duets (2000)
  • Behind the Sounds 2002 (2002)
  • Songs of Matti Caspi (2003)
  • Ballads (2003)
  • The Best (2004)
  • You are my Woman (2005)
  • Soul Mate (2010)


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