Mauritius–Pakistan relations

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Mauritius–Pakistan relations refer to bilateral relations between Mauritius and Pakistan

Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme[edit]

Under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP), the national Government of Pakistan has been providing assistance to Mauritius within various fields, including medical, dental surgery, pharmacology and engineering.


A Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), negotiated between Mauritius and Pakistan, was signed during July 2007 in Mauritius.[1] The agreement has become operational since 30 November 2007. Under the Agreement, Pakistan offered concessions to Mauritius on 130 items, whereas Mauritius has given concession on 102 items.[2] Mauritius and Pakistan have since been planning negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

During September 1994, a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) treaty between Pakistan and Mauritius was signed.[1] In April 1997, an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) was reached.[1]


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