Maxine Elliott Hicks

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For the actress born in 1868, see Maxine Elliott.
Maxine Elliott Hicks
Born October 24, 1904
Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Died January 10, 2000(2000-01-10) (aged 95)
San Clemente, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1914-1994

Maxine Elliott Hicks (October 5, 1904 - January 10, 2000) was an American actress. Hicks was born in Denver, Colorado, and began appearing in plays in New York City at age 5. As Maxine Hicks, she was a starlet of the silent film era, with over 200 credited and uncredited roles between 1914 and 1937. Her most famous roles were as Felice, the daughter of Ethel Barrymore's character in the 1917 version of The Eternal Mother, and the nemesis Susie May Squoggs in The Poor Little Rich Girl. In 1937, she left acting when she and her mother got into a dispute with Jack Warner of Warner Bros. studio. After a decades-long hiatus, she returned to acting in her 70s as Maxine Elliott, with bit parts in television shows such as All in the Family and Just the Ten of Us and movies such as Defending Your Life.

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