Mbuyisa Makhubo

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Mbuyisa Makhubo (born 1957 or 1958) is the 18-year old South African school boy seen carrying Hector Pieterson in a famous photograph taken after the latter was shot during the Soweto Uprising in 1976.[1]

After the photograph was released, he was harassed by the security services, and was forced to flee South Africa. His mother, Nombulelo Makhubo, told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that she received a letter from him from Nigeria in 1978, but that she had not heard from him since.[2] She died in 2004, seemingly without knowledge of what had happened to her son.[3]

In 2013, claims emerged that a man imprisoned in Canada for the previous eight years on immigration charges was Makhubo.[4] Genetic tests were conducted to determine whether this man is indeed Mbuyisa Makhubo.[5] It was later reported that the DNA tests did not substantiate the man's claim to be Makhubo, to the disappointment of Makhubo's family. [6]

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