Memorandum (album)

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Studio album by Lacrimas Profundere
Released 1999
Recorded April - May 1999
Genre Gothic metal, doom metal
Label Napalm Records
Lacrimas Profundere chronology
The Embrace and the Eclipse
Burning: A Wish

Memorandum is the third album by the German band Lacrimas Profundere.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Infinity"   3:45
2. "Helplessness"   6:24
3. "...And How to Drown in Your Arms"   3:20
4. "Black Swans"   4:24
5. "Reminiscence"   5:53
6. "The Crown of Leaving"   6:39
7. "All Your Radiance..."   5:22
8. "The Embrace and the Eclipse"   5:56
9. "The Fate of Equilibrium"   1:58


Christopher Schmid: Vocals
Anja Hotzendorfer: Violin and Female Vocals
Oliver Nikolas Schmid: Lead-, classic and acoustic guitar
Marco Praschberger: Rthytm-guitars
Markus Lapper: Bass
Ursula Schmidhammer: Harp
Christian Steiner: Keyboards
Lorenz Gehmacher: Drums
Anja Hotzendorfer: Violin, female vocal

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