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Path section along Victory Boulevard east of Balboa.

The Metro Orange Line bicycle path is a mixed Class I bike path and Class II bike lane that parallels the Orange Line dedicated rapid busway of the Los Angeles County Metro Liner system, across the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, Southern California. The line itself occupies a former branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad, making this combination a sort of rail with trail facility, as the main easement is still in active transport use.


The bicycle path route (and separated walking path) starts at Chandler Boulevard and the North Hollywood Metro station in the east valley, and runs westward passing by all the Orange Line stations. It is a Class II bike lane until between Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Fulton Avenue, where it becomes a Class I bike path. It makes its way westward paralleling and set back from Chandler Boulevard, Oxnard Street, Topham, and Victory Boulevard, to reach the Canoga Station at Canoga Avenue, where it then turns north alongside the Orange Line until it reaches the Chatsworth Metrolink Station, where it terminates.[1]

Entry points and parking[edit]

Being adjacent to an MTA busway, there are numerous parking areas. There is off-street parking at the following Metro stations: North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Sepulveda, Balboa, Reseda, Pierce College (Winnetka Ave.), and Canoga. Some of the Metro stations provide bike lockers and/or racks.[2] Entry points are at every major street along the path.


Along the path there are frequent intersections that can be difficult for cyclists to navigate. The crossing buttons are not adjacent to the curb cuts. Many of the curb cuts run diagonal to the path of travel which slows cyclists as they approach the intersection forcing them to acknowledge the signal and be aware of red-light violators.

Route extension[edit]

A 4 miles (6.4 km) Orange Line extension, including a Class I bikeway, was opened in June 2012 from the Canoga Station north to the Chatsworth Metrolink Station.[3] The expansion came in under budget and opened ahead of schedule, in June 2012.[4]

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