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Michael Doven
Residence Malibu, California
Occupation Photographer, film producer
Known for Former personal assistant to Tom Cruise[1][2]
Religion Scientology
Spouse(s) Andrea Morse
Official website

Michael Doven is an American professional photographer who has also worked in the production of several Hollywood movies. He photographed professional golfer Rick Rhoden. Doven's work in film started as personal assistant and chief of staff to Tom Cruise. Doven received film credits as Cruise's assistant in Far and Away, A Few Good Men, The Firm, and Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

Doven was credited as Production Associate in Cruise's 1999 film Magnolia. He subsequently served in an increased capacity as Associate Producer on the 2000 film Mission: Impossible II, the 2001 film Vanilla Sky, the 2002 film Minority Report, and the 2003 film The Last Samurai. He married a fellow assistant to Cruise, Andrea Morse, the daughter of actor Robert Morse.



Michael Doven is a photographer,[3] and film producer.[4][5] Subjects photographed by Doven have included singer/songwriter and younger sister of musician Beck, Alyssa Suede,[3] professional golfers Rick Rhoden,[6] and Randy Leen.[7] In April 1985, Doven finished 434th in the Boston Marathon.[8] After competing as an ironman, Doven subsequently appeared on a video Tough Stuff in 1988 by J2 Communications.[9] On the video Tough Stuff along with actress Tracy Scoggins, American football player Marcus Allen, Mexican boxer Carlos Palomino, and volleyball athlete Randy Stoklus, Doven helped to illustrate the techniques of a workout system called "plyometrics".[9] Scroggins explained to The Toronto Star that the plyometrics workout system was developed in the Soviet Union, and commented, "It's a tough workout that men will enjoy, not just women, but it can be done by anyone."[10]

In 2009, Doven's photography work appeared on a music album Bittersweet – a collaboration between Mark Isham and Kate Ceberano;[11][12]

Personal assistant to Tom Cruise[edit]

Doven has served as a personal assistant to actor Tom Cruise.[1] Cruise referred to Doven as the "Dovenator", and he also served as Cruise's chief of staff.[1] In this capacity, Doven sometimes called Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige on Cruise's behalf.[1] On the set of A Few Good Men, Cruise demanded that employees working on the film crew refer to Doven as "the communicator".[1][13] According to an individual who worked on the movie crew for A Few Good Men, Doven carried supplies for Cruise called the "bat utility belt", which included bottled water and a cell phone.[13] Doven's responsibilities included keeping Cruise's "lines" clear and maintaining the actor's drive towards his acting and his faith.[1]

Film producer[edit]

Doven met a fellow assistant to Cruise, Andrea Morse, and they subsequently married.[1] Andrea Morse is the daughter of actor Robert Morse.[14] Doven's wife reached the Operating Thetan level of OT VI, in 2000.[15] She received film credits as Production Associate on movies starring Tom Cruise's then-wife Nicole Kidman, including Eyes Wide Shut, Portrait of a Lady and Practical Magic.[16] Cruise included Doven in family outings, often taking him along for trips with his son Connor Cruise.[1] Doven was the only individual from Cruise's entourage to accompany the actor on a 2002 trip to NASA to meet with astronauts on the Space Shuttle program.[1] Doven had an acting film role in Cruise's Eyes Wide Shut,[17] directed by Stanley Kubrick, in addition to serving in a film production capacity on the movie.[18][19]

Doven began to take on more influential film production roles in Cruise's movies – serving as Production Associate on the 1999 film Magnolia.[20] He subsequently served in an increased capacity as Associate Producer on the 2000 film Mission: Impossible II,[21] the 2001 film Vanilla Sky,[22] the 2002 film Minority Report,[23] and the 2003 film The Last Samurai.[5][24] Doven accompanied Cruise's family when they stayed in Taranaki, New Zealand during film production of The Last Samurai.[25][26] Doven and his wife were not invited to Cruise's 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes in Rome, Italy, and neither of the Dovens have subsequently had film credits on movies relating to Cruise since the wedding.[16]

Personal life[edit]


Michael Doven is a Scientologist.[27][28]

In 2010, Doven confronted former Scientology executive Mark Rathbun in Texas regarding John Brousseau, a former Sea Org staff member who had fled Scientology headquarters and had sought Rathbun's assistance.[29]

Marc Headley, a former Sea Org staff member at the international headquarters, has stated that Michael Doven and his wife Andrea were routinely interrogated by Church officials regarding Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.[30][31]



Year Film Role Director
1992 Far and Away Set assistant to Tom Cruise[16] Ron Howard
A Few Good Men Assistant to Tom Cruise[1][16] Rob Reiner
1993 The Firm Assistant to Tom Cruise[16] Sydney Pollack
1994 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles Assistant to Tom Cruise[16] Neil Jordan
1996 Mission: Impossible Production Associate[16] Brian De Palma
Jerry Maguire Assistant to Tom Cruise[16] Cameron Crowe
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Production Associate[32] Stanley Kubrick
Magnolia Production Associate[20] Paul Thomas Anderson
2000 Mission: Impossible II Associate Producer[33][34] John Woo
2001 Vanilla Sky Associate Producer[35][36] Cameron Crowe
2002 Minority Report Associate Producer[4][37] Steven Spielberg
2003 The Last Samurai Associate Producer[5][24] Edward Zwick
2004 Collateral Associate Producer[16] Michael Mann
2015 The Squeeze Producer[38]
2015 The Out of Town Wedding Producer[38]


Year Title Role Notes
1989 Murder, She Wrote Joey[39] Ep. # 5.22
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Ziegler's Secretary[40][41] Production Associate, on same film[32]


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