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Michael Rosenberg (born March 7, 1954)[1] is an American bridge player.

Rosenberg was born in New York City, moved to Scotland as a child, and returned to New York in 1978. He lived in New York State with his girlfriend Debbie, also a top player, from 1995 until 2011 when the couple moved to Northern California.[citation needed]

Michael won the 1994 Rosenblum Cup, and was second in the World Open Pairs Championship in 1994 (with Bob Hamman) and 2002 (with Zia Mahmood). As of 2007 he has won fourteen North American championships, as well as multiple wins in the major invitational tournaments. He has also won the World Bridge Federation (WBF) Par competition in 1998, a test of declarer play skill, and is known for his advocacy of a high standard of ethical behavior for players. He is known as "The expert's expert" for his encyclopedic knowledge of cardplay techniques, and a frequent contributor for The Bridge World.

For the two-year cycle beginning summer 2012, which includes the 2013 Bermuda Bowl, Rosenberg and Chris Willenken will play for Marty Fleisher's professional team, replacing Bobby LevinSteve Weinstein. There Rosenberg–Willenken will join Fleisher–Mike Kamil and Chip Martel–Zia Mahmood.[2]

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