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Microsoft Cordless Phone System was a 900 MHz cordless phone introduced in 1998 that was marketed as a phone that combines the power of the PC with the latest telephone technology. It could make and receive calls independently of the computer, however the Call Manager software allowed making and receiving calls from the computer. It was discontinued about one year after its release and the software (Microsoft Call Manager) only works on Windows 95/98. No substitute for the Microsoft Cordless phone system is currently planned to be released. It was possibly replaced with Windows Phone and Windows Mobile.Some of its features included:

  • TAPI compliant
  • Voice mail with individual inboxes
  • Voice Command dialing
  • Answering machine functions with per caller actions (designated priority calls with Do Not Disturb function), personalized greetings, call blocking
  • Caller ID support and Caller ID Announce (listening to the caller's name)
  • Remote notifications of new voice messages on a mobile phone or pager
  • Recording the number, date, time, and duration of the last 1000 incoming and outgoing calls
  • Loudspeaker for announcements but no speakerphone

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