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Mike Hernandez was a Los Angeles, California City Councilman. In 1997 Hernandez was arrested and pleaded guilty to purchasing and possessing cocaine. Because he struck a plea agreement whereby he agreed to seek treatment, the arrest was not in his record, and he was not required to resign his seat.[1] An effort to recall him fizzled, "mirror[ing] the more general state of politics in his 1st District, where a majority of residents are routinely excluded from having a say on matters of common concern because they are noncitizens who cannot vote and are on the lower rung of an electoral caste system that leaves a minority in charge",[2] and he served out his term until 2001.

  • Chair: Community and Economic Development Committee
  • Vice-Chair: Governmental Efficiency Committee
  • Member: Intergovernmental Relations Committee

He has since worked as a staffer for former Councilman Nate Holden and current councilman Bernard Parks.


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Preceded by
Gloria Molina
Los Angeles City Councilman
1st district

Succeeded by
Ed Reyes