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Coordinates: 41°55′43″N 87°42′29″W / 41.928711°N 87.708111°W / 41.928711; -87.708111

Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (Norwegian: Den Norske Lutherske Minnekirke), also known as Minnekirken, is a Lutheran church in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of two American churches still using Norwegian as a primary liturgical language, the other being Mindekirken in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1]


Memorial Church or Minnekirken in Norwegian, is located at 2614 N. Kedzie Boulevard in an area known as Logan Square. At one time, Logan Square boasted a large Norwegian-American population. With relatively inexpensive housing and rent available, this neighborhood was a favorite for immigrants and working-class citizens. Minnekirken serves as a reminder of a neighborhood heritage long past in which Scandinavians played a significant part. During the first half of the 20th century there were several Norwegian language churches in the Logan Square area and over 20 Norwegian language churches in the metropolitan area. Today, Minnekirken is the last remaining Norwegian-language church in the city. Besides church services, the church continues to host activities, including Norwegian cooking classes, musical concerts and the annual Julejentene Christmas Bazaar.


Minnekirken was first built by Norwegian immigrants as Christ Church in 1912. In 1934, the name was changed to its present name, in part because of the war memorial which was dedicated that year in the center of the circular thoroughfare located across from the church.[2]


The neighborhood surrounding the church is typical of Chicago's North Side neighborhoods and reflective of a diversity of languages and cultures. In the neighborhood these days, one predominantly hears Spanish spoken in several dialects representing different Hispanic cultures.

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