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Minnie Weisz is an English photographer and curator, having studied at the Royal College of Art and the London College of Printing,[1] and freelance editor for Rizzoli International Publications.[2] She is the younger sister of actress Rachel Weisz.[1]

Nature of activities[edit]

She has described herself (with respect to her artistic activity) as an architectural detective.[3] The buildings of Kings Cross, London are the dominating subject of her photographs.[4][1][5][6]


Recent photograph's taken there in the exhibition Kings Cross as Camera Obscura were shown at The Albion Stables, Balfe Street, London N1 in an exhibition ending 5 July 2006), plus a short film, Urban Fairy Tale. Her 2005 book and exhibition Eye Dream contained a series of photographs of the inside the mid-19th-century Fish and Coal building.[1] Her work was shown at the exhibition Ubi sunt.[7][8] Weisz curated an exhibition of works upon the subject of a building of Bloomsbury as part of the London Festival of Architecture [9] called The Diary of a derelict Dairy (20 June-20 July 2008).[10] Group exhibition, INHABIT,[11][12][13] with Nicolas Gonzalez, Dani Marti, Kit Merritt, Sarah Roeskin, James White, Maca Yanez and Eric Schockmel were showing from the 29 to 31 July 2011 at 92 White Post lane,London.

She has also exhibited as a collaboration in May 2010 with costume and set designer named Caroline Collinge [14] and as a participating artist from in 2011 at ASYLUM [15] an arts organisation in Caroline Gardens Chapel, Peckham.


Her studio is located in one of the remaining listed railway arches behind St Pancras Station in King’s Cross, north London. The studio had involvement with the June 2011 festival entitled the London Street Photography Festival.[16]


  • Emmett Walsh–Paris Correspondence School @ Trove:Birmingham & Minnie Weisz Studio: London[17]

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