Misión San Francisco Borja

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Mission San Francisco Borja
Mission San Francisco Borja
Location as shown
Coordinates 28°44′39.5″N 113°45′15″W / 28.744306°N 113.75417°W / 28.744306; -113.75417Coordinates: 28°44′39.5″N 113°45′15″W / 28.744306°N 113.75417°W / 28.744306; -113.75417
Founding date 1762
Founding priest(s) Jesuit Wenceslaus Linck

San Borja was a Spanish mission established in 1762 by the Jesuit Wenceslaus Linck at the Cochimí settlement of Adac, west of Bahía de los Ángeles.

Before becoming a mission, the future site of San Borja served as a visita or subordinate mission station for Misión Santa Gertrudis. The construction of buildings was begun in 1759. A stone church was completed during the Dominican period, in 1801.

The mission was abandoned in 1818, as the native population in this part of the peninsula disappeared. Structures and ruins survive.


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