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Montana is the 41st state of the United States.

Montana may also refer to:



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People with the surname or given name[edit]

  • Bob Montana (1920-1975), cartoonist who drew the characters that launched Archie Comics
  • Claude Montana, late 20th-century French fashion designer
  • Gentil Montaña (1942–2011), classical guitarist and composer
  • Joe Montana (born 1956), San Francisco 49ers/Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame quarterback
  • Patsy Montana (1908-1996), American country music singer-songwriter
  • Montana Slim or Wilf Carter (1904-1996), Canadian country music singer and yodeler


See also[edit]

  • Montana 1948, a 1993 novel by Larry Watson
  • Montana Jones, a Japanese anime series, broadcast 1994-1995
  • Roşia Montană, a mining town in Alba County, Romania
  • Crans-Montana, a ski resort in the canton of Valais, Switzerland
  • Montana Freemen, a Christian patriot group based near the town of Jordan, Montana, known for their 81-day standoff with U.S. federal marshals in 1996
  • Montana RailLink, a privately held US Class II railroad
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