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Type Soup
Place of origin India
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients black pepper
Cookbook:Mulligatawny  Mulligatawny

Mulligatawny (derived from Tamil மிளகு தண்ணீர்)/ˌmʌlɨɡəˈtɔːni/ is a curry flavoured soup in Anglo-Indian cuisine.[1] Mulligatawny is a combination of Tamil words milagu (pepper) thanni (water). It is similar to rasam from South Indian cuisine.

There are many variations on the recipe for mulligatawny.[2] In the West, the soup typically has a turmeric like yellow colour and chicken meat, beef, or lamb meat. Usually it is thickened with lentils or rice. In the United Kingdom, mulligatawny soup is traditionally red-brown, and contains beef and rice only. Vegetarian varieties are also available, though scarce.

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