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This is a list of notable soups. Soups have been made since ancient times. Around 1300, Huou, chef at the court of Kublai Khan, wrote a collection of recipes (mainly soups) and household advice entitled "The Important Things to Know About Eating and Drinking".[1]

Some soups are served with large chunks of meat or vegetables left in the liquid, while a broth is a flavored liquid usually derived from boiling a type of meat and bone or vegetable for a period of time in a stock. A common type of broth is consommé. They are crystal clear broths or stock that have a full of flavor, aroma, and body.

A potage is a category of thick soups, stews, or porridges, in some of which meat and vegetables are boiled together with water until they form into a thick mush.

Bisques are heavy cream soups traditionally prepared with shellfish, but can be made with any type of seafood. Cream soups are a dairy based soup. Although they may be consumed on their own, or with a meal, the canned, condensed form of cream soup is sometimes used as a quick sauce in a variety of meat and pasta convenience food dishes, such as casseroles. Similar to a bisque, chowders are thick soups usually containing some type of starch.

Coulis were originally meat juices, and now are thick purees. Some soups are served only cold, and other soups can optionally be served cold.


Name Image Type Description
Ajiaco Ajiaco.jpg Chunky A chicken soup from Colombia
Avgolemono Avgolemono Soup and Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad.jpg Chunky A soup made in Greece and Cyprus with chicken, rice or orzo, egg and lemon.
Bacon soup Chunky A soup made with bacon, vegetables and a thickening agent.
Borscht Borshch2.jpg Chunky A Ukrainian cabbage and beet-based soup with meat. One of very few soups that can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Bouillon (soup) A Haitian soup traditionally prepared on Saturdays.
Canja de Galinha Chunky A Portuguese soup of chicken, pasta and lemon.
Caldillo de perro A seafood soup of southern Spain that is prepared with seafood, hake, garlic, olive oil, lemons, and Seville oranges.[2] It is customarily served with sour orange juice.
Caldo verde Caldo verde.jpg Chunky A Portuguese minced kale and onion soup
Cazuela Cazuela ecuatoriana.jpg Chunky A South American and Spanish soup, composed of a clear broth, rice, potato, squash or pumpkin, corn and chicken or beef. It combines native and introduced ingredients. Pictured is an Ecuadorian Cazuela.
Cock-a-leekie Cock-a-leekie Soup.jpg Chunky Leek and potato soup made with chicken stock, from Scotland
Fish soup bee hoon a Singaporean soup-based seafood dish.
Fufu and Egusi soup Fufu in groundnut soup with fish.jpg Chunky A traditional soup from Nigeria made with vegetables, meat, fish, and balls of ground melon seed
Ginataan Gatajf.JPG Chunky A Filipino method of cooking using coconut milk. Due to the general nature of the term, it can refer to a number of different dishes, each called ginataan, but distinct from one another.
Gomguk Chunky A Korean soup made with various beef parts such as ribs, oxtail, brisket, ox's head or ox bones by slow simmering on a low flame. The broth of gomguk tends to have a milky color with a rich and hearty taste.
Goulash soup 2009-09-gulasch-pörkölt-paprikas-3.jpg Chunky A Hungarian soup made with beef, pork, paprika, peppers, tomato, potato and onion
Gumbo Shrimp gumbo.jpg Chunky A traditional Creole soup from the American South, most popular in New Orleans. Often includes seafood, made with shrimp or crab stock and andouille sausage and thickened with a dark roux.
Hot and sour soup Hot-and-Sour-Soup-Bowl.jpg Chunky Soups from several Asian culinary traditions. In all cases, the soup contains ingredients to make it both spicy and sour.
Íslensk Kjötsúpa Chunky Traditional Icelandic meat soup made with lamb and vegetables.
Joumou Joumou01.jpg Chunky Traditional Haitian mildly spicy pumpkin soup made with pieces of beef, potato, plantains and vegetables such as parsley, carrots, green cabbage, celery and onions. It is eaten every first of January in honor of their independence in 1804.
Kharcho Kharcho meat soup.jpg Chunky A Georgian soup of lamb, rice, vegetables and a highly spiced boullion.
Kimchi Guk Korean soup-Kongnamul guk-01.jpg Chunky Korean Kimchi soup
Lagman Niuroumian.jpg Chunky A traditional Uzbek soup of pasta, vegetables, ground lamb and numerous spices.
Leek soup Chunky A simple soup made from leeks popular in Wales during St. David's Day. Often includes potatoes.
Lentil soup Lentilsouparab.jpg Chunky A soup popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean. Can be made with red, green, or brown lentils.
Matzah ball soup Matzah balls.JPG Chunky An Ashkenazi Jewish soup and staple food on Passover. The Matzah ball dumplings are traditionally served in chicken broth with sliced carrots, garnished with chopped parsley. Matzo balls are also referred to as knaidel or knaedle.
Menudo Menudo de res Uriangato.jpg Chunky Mexican tripe, calf's feet, chiles, hominy and seasonings
Minestrone Homemade minestrone.jpg Chunky Italian vegetable soup, with noodles
Miyeok guk Chunky Korean edible seaweed soup
Mulligan Stew Chunky Typically made with whatever is available
Mulligatawny Mulligatawny.jpg Chunky Indian soup with meat, vegetables and spices
Barley Vegetable pork barley soup with chicken livers and sour cream, by Silar 2010 I.JPG Chunky Several varieties of onion barley, and chicken broth
Nettle soup Chunky A soup made from the tender shoots of the stinging nettle, popular in Scandinavia and eastern Europe
Oxtail soup Sup Buntut - Nelayan Indonesian Restaurant.jpg Chunky Oxtail soup is made with beef tails. The use of the word "ox" in this context is a legacy of nomenclature; no specialized stock of beef animals are used. At least five popular and unrelated versions of oxtail soup exist: a traditional Korean dish, a Chinese dish which is more like a stew, a fried/barbecued oxtail combined with soup variation which is a popular dish in Indonesia where it is called as sop buntut. An ethnic dish of the American South which traces its lineage back to the pre-revolutionary war era, and a thick, rich, gravy-like soup popular in the United Kingdom since the 18th century. Creole oxtail soup is made from a tomato base with oxtails, potatoes, green beans, corn, mirepoix, garlic, and herbs and spices. In Germany, there are lots of varieties of oxtail soup (called Ochsenschwanzsuppe or Ochsenschleppsuppe) usually containing oxtail, various root vegetables, herbs, and also Sherry or Madeira.
Peanut soup Chunky Made from peanuts, popular in African cuisine
Philadelphia Pepper Pot Chunky Beef tripe pepper soup
Pozole Pozole.jpg Chunky Mexican thick, hearty soup made of pork or chicken meat and broth, hominy, onion, garlic, dried chiles and cilantro
Phở Pho-Beef-Noodles-2008.jpg Chunky Vietnamese staple noodle soup made by simmering marrow-rich beef leg bones and knuckles with star anise, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, coriander, fennel, charred ginger and charred onion to create the broth, served with rice noodles and various meats. Pho Dac Biet, or "Special Combination" Pho, usually includes rare beef slices, beef balls, tripe, and flank meat. Pho is garnished to taste with thai basil, squeezed lime, jalapeños, bean sprouts and sometimes culantro. Sriracha and hoisin sauce are also popular additions. Chicken, seafood and vegetarian varieties also exist.
Pumpkin Cremas de calabaza-2.jpg Smooth or chunky Pictured is a pumpkin cream soup that also contains some green pepper (Italian), red bell pepper, onion, salt and some oil. Rucola leaves top the soup.
Ramen Soy ramen.jpg Chunky A Japanese soup made from flavorful broth, spaghetti-like noodles, various meats like pork or lobster, onion and other various herbs (miso), and sometimes even corn
Samgyetang Korean chicken soup-Samgyetang-01.jpg Chunky Korean chicken ginseng soup made with glutinous rice, jujubes, chestnuts, garlic, and ginger
Snert Erwtensoep roggebrood katenspek.jpg Chunky A thick pea soup, eaten in the Netherlands as a winter dish, traditionally served with sliced sausage.
Shchi Schi.jpg Chunky A national Russian cabbage soup
Shchav Sorrel soup with egg and croutons (Zupa szczawiowa z jajkiem i grzankami).jpg Chunky A sorrel soup in Polish, Russian and Yiddish cuisines
Solyanka Soljanka with olives.jpg Chunky A soup with pickled cucumbers, sausages, smoked meat from Russia
Sopa de Gato A simple soup of southern Spain that typically includes water, bread, oil, garlic and salt.
Soto Soto ayam.JPG Chunky Indonesian family of rich soups based on various spice pastes, broths and sometimes coconut milk, often named by their originating region. Soto usually features numerous garnishes, including sprouts, sambal, crackers, fritters, and sometimes noodles.
Soup alla Canavese An Italian soup made from white stock, tomato puree, butter, carrot, celery, onion, cauliflower, bacon fat, Parmesan cheese, parsley, sage, salt and pepper.
Split pea Yellow Split Pea Soup.jpg Chunky A Canadian soup made typically from dried peas, such as the split pea. It is, with variations, a part of the cuisine of many cultures. It is greyish-green or yellow in color depending on the regional variety of peas used; all are cultivars of Pisum sativum.
Stone soup Chunky Portuguese soup with various sorts of pork meat products (such as black chouriço, common chouriço and bacon) red beans and coriander.
Taco soup Taco soup.jpg Chunky Composed of similar ingredients to those used inside a taco: ground beef, tomatoes, chopped green chilis, olives, onions, corn, beans and a packet of taco seasoning.[3] Vegetarian versions combine beans with the other ingredients, except for the ground beef.[4]
Tarhana Chunky Soup - from Turkey
Tom Yum Tom yum.jpg Chunky A Thai soup made with lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaf, fish sauce and lime juice in the broth, often garnished with shrimp/seafood (Tom Yum Goong), straw mushrooms, hot chili peppers, and cilantro.
Tomato soup Tomato soup.jpg Smooth or chunky A traditional Hungarian and Polish soup (pomidorowa) made with tomato as the primary ingredient. Also popular in other countries.
Tteokguk Chunky Korean tteok (rice cake) soup
Winter melon Wintermelonsoup.jpg Chunky Soup is a Chinese soup, winter melon, filled with stock, usually chicken stock vegetables and meat, which has been steamed for a few hours.
Yellow pea soup Yellow Split Pea Soup.jpg Chunky A traditional Canadian dish, originating with French settlers.
Żurek Zur.jpg Chunky A Polish wheat soup with sausages often served in a bowl made of bread.
Cold borscht Lurid borscht.jpg Cold (chilled) This is a Lithuanian specialty, usually made in summer time. There are two varieties, hot and cold. Both are based on beets, but are otherwise prepared and served differently.
Cucumber soup Cucumber soup.jpg Cold (chilled) Is a soup based on cucumbers, known in various cuisines.
Dashi Cold (chilled) Japanese clear fish stock made with kombu (sea kelp) and katsuobushi (smoked bonito flakes). Dashi broth is often used as a base for miso soup and other Japanese soup broths.
Gazpacho Gazpacho con su guarnición - jlastras.jpg Cold (chilled) A Spanish pureed tomato and vegetable soup.
Naengmyeon Mul naengmyeon by woinary in Tokyo International Airport.jpg Cold (chilled) Korean buckwheat noodles in a tangy iced beef broth, raw julienned vegetables, a slice of a Korean pear, and often a boiled egg and/or cold beef
Okroshka Окрошка6.jpg Cold (chilled) Russian kvass-based vegetable and ham soup.
Salmorejo Salmorejo 4.jpg Cold (chilled) Spanish tomato soup with garlic and bread crumbs.
Sayur Asem Sayur asem vegetable soup.jpg Cold (chilled) An Indonesian soup that tastes sour and spicy.
Sour cherry soup Sour cherry soup.jpg Cold (chilled) A cream-based Hungarian soup.
Tarator TaratorBg.jpg Cold (chilled) A Bulgarian cold soup made from yogurt and cucumbers.
Vichyssoise Vichyssoise.jpg Cold (chilled) A French-American creamy potato and leek soup, served with chives.
Binignit Binignit.jpg Dessert A Filipino soup made from coconut milk, milk, fruits and tapioca pearls, served cold.
Etrog Dessert A fruit soup made up from the citron used in Jewish Ritual at the feast of Succoth, is eaten by Ashkenazi.
Fruktsoppa Dessert A Swedish fruit soup, on dried fruit such as raisins and prunes.
Aljotta Fish A Maltese fish soup with plenty of garlic, herbs, and tomatoes, likely to have been an adaptation of the bouillabaisse.
Bergen fish soup Fish A heavy, creamed soup made with white fish (haddock, halibut, cod) and various vegetables, of Norwegian origin.
Bouillabaisse Brazilian bouillabaisse.jpg Fish French fish soup
Carp soup Fish A soup made with carp's head and offal, onion and vegetaple.Part of traditional Czech Christmas Eve dinner.
Cioppino Cioppino.jpg Fish (Italian-American) fish stew with tomatoes and a variety of fish and shellfish
Cullen skink Fish A fish soup made with Smoked Haddock, potatoes, onions and cream from Scotland
Fanesca Fanesca.jpg Fish A traditional cod soup from Ecuador
Fisherman's Soup Hungarian soup 03976.jpg Fish Hungarian Halászlé Ηot and spicy river fish soup with a lot of hot paprika
Lan Sikik Fish A Thai soup made with noodle, dried fish and tomato extract.
Lohikeitto Lohikeitto.jpg Fish A Finnish soup made with salmon, potatoes (other root vegetables can be added such as rutabaga, carrots, onions), cream and dill
Mohinga IMG Mohinga.JPG Fish A traditional Burmese fish soup made of chickpea flour and/or crushed toasted rice, garlic, onions, lemongrass, banana tree stem, ginger, fish paste, fish sauce and catfish in a rich broth. Served with rice vermicelli.
Psarosoupa (ψαρόσουπα) Fish Greek fish soup, uses a traditional oil-and-lemon sauce, vegetables, rice and sea fish
Sliced fish soup Fish A dish from Singapore with fish, prawns and vegetables
Sour soup (fish soup) Fish A Vietnamese dish made with rice, fish, various vegetables, and in some cases pineapple.
Ukha or уха Опеканная уха.JPG Fish Russian fish soup, made of cod or salmon, vegetables, lime, dill, parsley and black pepper
Waterzooi Waterzooi at De Vlaamsche Pot (2175547879).jpg Fish A Belgian fish soup
Bird's nest soup Bird's Nest soup.jpg Noodle Is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine.
Beef noodle soup Pho-style noodle soup.jpg Noodle A Chinese and Taiwanese noodle soup made of stewed or red braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. It exists in various forms throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.
Chicken noodle soup Bowl of chicken soup.jpg Noodle A chicken soup that includes noodles, such as egg noodles.
Egg drop soup Egg drop soup.jpg Noodle A savory Chinese soup made by pouring beaten eggs into swirling boiling water or broth.
Log-log Noodle Filipino egg noodle soup (regional variants include Kinalas, Batchoy)
Nang men Noodle Korean traditional noodles
Phở Chicken-pho-vietnamese-soup.JPG Noodle Vietnamese staple noodle soup made by simmering marrow-rich beef leg bones and knuckles with star anise, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, coriander, fennel, charred ginger and charred onion to create the broth, served with rice noodles and various meats. Pho Dac Biet, or "Special Combination" Pho, usually includes rare beef slices, beef balls, tripe, and flank meat. Pho is garnished to taste with thai basil, squeezed lime, jalapeños, bean sprouts and sometimes culantro. Sriracha and hoisin sauce are also popular additions.
Ramen Soy ramen.jpg Noodle Japanese fresh or dried noodles in a variety of broths with a variety of toppings.
Pasta fagioli Pasta e fagioli rapida.jpg Noodle Italian soup with chicken stock, pasta and vegetables.
Saimin Gerald Farinas saimin at Shiro's Saimin Haven in Hawaii.JPG Noodle Hawaiian fresh, soft, undried egg noodles in bonito fish or shrimp broth with Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean and Portuguese influences
Soto ayam Soto ayam.JPG Noodle An Indonesian spicy shredded chicken soup with noodles and a variety of garnishes which may include bean sprouts, boiled egg, green onions, fried onion flakes, chili sauce, compressed rice cakes, melinjo nut crackers and potato fritters.
Tāng Fěn Noodle Chinese rice noodles in broth, usually beef, chicken or custom broth
Tāng miǎn Noodle Chinese egg noodles in broth, usually beef, chicken or custom broth
Avgolemono (Αυγολέμονο) Avgolemono Soup and Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad.jpg Potage Greek soup made of with chicken broth, rice or orzo and lemon, thickened with tempered eggs
Beer soup Beer cheese soup.jpg Potage A recipe from the middle ages using heated beer and pieces of bread;[5] though other ingredients were also used.[6]
Bourou-Bourou Potage A vegetable and pasta soup from the island of Corfu, Greece
French onion soup Woodsoup.jpg Potage Deep, rich broth made with onions and beef. Often topped with croutons and gruyere cheese melted golden on top, over the edges of the bowl.
Panada Potage Bread soup made with leftover bread, eggs, beef broth and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese.[7]
Scotch Broth Potage Mutton, barley and various vegetables
Tinola Tinolalunch.jpg Potage Broth popular in the Philippines made with pieces of chicken, sliced green papayas.
Rasam Rasam (closeup).jpg Potage South Indian broth made in various ways using different spices and tamarind.
Lobster bisque Lobster bisque.jpg Bisque A rich and creamy soup made with lobster stock, heavy cream and sherry.
Crab bisque Bisque A rich and creamy soup made with crab stock and heavy cream.
Tomato bisque Bisque A soup made with tomatoes and heavy cream, basil can be added to create tomato basil bisque.
Chestnut bisque Bisque
Squash bisque Bisque
Cream of Crab Bisque
Lobster stew Caldereta.jpg Bisque A cream or stock-based soup with chunks of lobster
Shrimp bisque Shrimp Bisque.jpg Bisque
New England clam chowder Quail 07 bg 041506.jpg Chowders A staple of Northeast USA, clam chowder is often made with bacon, mirepoix, clam juice and heavy cream, with other ingredients such as potatoes and chopped clams.
Manhattan clam chowder ManhattanClamChowder.jpg Chowders Made with a tomato base
Corn chowder Corn chowder bowl.jpg Chowders
Chupe Chupe de Camarones.jpg Chowders A thin, milky seafood soup usually found in Peru. Also referred to as Chupe de Mariscos.
Callaloo Chowders A thick, creamy Caribbean soup made with taro leaf or other leafy greens, usually with pork or crab added for flavor.. The greens referred to as callaloo vary from island to island depending on availability.
Maryland crab soup Chowders A soup made of vegetables, blue crab, and Old Bay Seasoning in a tomato base, associated with Maryland
She-crab soup She-Crab Soup.jpg Chowders From Charleston, South Carolina, a creamy soup made with blue crab meat and crab roe.
Brown Veal Clear or Stock
Chicken Clear or Stock
Consomme Consomme de volaille.jpg Clear or Stock
Fish Clear or Stock
Fumet Clear or Stock A French fish stock, often concentrated and used as a base for sauces. Usually made with fish heads and bones.
Vegetable Clear or Stock
White Beef Clear or Stock
White Veal Clear or Stock
Cream of tomato Cream
Cream of mushroom Cream
Cream of broccoli Cream
Cream of celery Cream
Cream of chicken Cream
Cream of potato Cream
Cream of apple soup Cream
Creamy Spinach Cream
Cream of asparagus Cream
Beer soup Beer cheese soup.jpg Beverage soup European medieval breakfast soup poured over bread
Wine soup Beverage soup Hungarian soup with wine
Miso soup Miso Soup.jpg Fermented A traditional Japanese soup produced with a dashi stock base with dissolved miso paste (fermented rice, barley and/or soybeans). Common ingredients include tofu and seaweed.
Sayur Tumpang Fermented A traditional Javanese soup made from expired tempeh, chilli, and other Indonesian seasoning
Sour rye soup Zur.jpg Fermented A traditional Polish soup produced by fermenting rye and/or wheat flour

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