Myloi, Argolis

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A view of Myloi from the quay
A view of Myloi from the quay
Myloi is located in Greece
Coordinates 37°33′N 22°43′E / 37.550°N 22.717°E / 37.550; 22.717Coordinates: 37°33′N 22°43′E / 37.550°N 22.717°E / 37.550; 22.717
Country: Greece
Administrative region: Peloponnese
Regional unit: Argolis
Municipality: Argos-Mykines
Municipal unit: Lerna
Population statistics (as of 2001)[1]
 - Population: 921
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Elevation (center): 29 m (95 ft)
Postal code: 212 00
Telephone: 27510
Auto: AP

Myloi (Greek: Μύλοι), is a village in the southwestern part of Argolis, Greece. It is situated on the northwestern coast of the Argolic Gulf. Myloi was the seat of the former municipality of Lerna. It is 4 km southwest of Nea Kios, 9 km south of Argos and 8 km west of Nafplio. The Greek National Road 7 passes through the village. It had a train station on the Corinth–Kalamata railway, but passenger service on this line was halted in 2010. The Bronze Age settlement of Lerna is located near Myloi.


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