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Not to be confused with Gnat.

Nat or NAT may refer to:


  • Nat Wolff, lead singer for the TV series The Naked Brothers Band

"Nat" may be a diminutive for:


  • Nat (Wild Cards), a slang term from the novels referring to normal humans uninfected by the Wild Card virus
  • Nat Smurfling, a minor character in The Smurfs comics and animated series

Society and culture[edit]

  • Nat caste a nomadic Hindu caste found in North India
  • Nat (Muslim) a Muslim community found in North India
  • Nat (spirit), a Burmese spirit worshipped in Myanmar (Burma) in conjunction with Buddhism
  • National Actors Theatre, a company founded in 1991 by the late actor Tony Randall
  • North Atlantic Tracks, trans-Atlantic routes that stretch from the northeast of North America to the west of Ireland across the Atlantic Ocean



  • Nat-trick (natural hat trick), when a player scores three goals consecutively in a single hockey game
  • National League of Major League Baseball, or a member team or player


Science and technology[edit]

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