NCAA Basketball 10

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NCAA Basketball 10
NCAA Basketball 10 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) EA Canada
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s) November 18, 2009
Genre(s) Basketball simulation
Distribution DVD (Xbox 360), Blu-ray Disc (PS3)

NCAA Basketball 10 is a basketball video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. It was released November 17, 2009 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.[1] Former University of Oklahoma and current Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin was featured on the cover.

On February 10, 2010 EA officially announced that all future NCAA Basketball games would be put on indefinite hold and that there were no plans for releasing a new title in 2010.[2] That year, the game was not released on the PS2. On August 11, 2011, all online services were discontinued.[3]


A demo was released to the Xbox 360 marketplace on November 5, 2009. It featured North Carolina and Duke in one five minute half at Cameron Indoor Stadium.[4] On November 19, the demo was released on the PlayStation Network for the PS3.[5]


As you first start up NCAA basketball 10, you will see a short trailer with Gus Johnson saying "Heart break city, what a game! , ha ha". After that you will go up to start screen for the game. While the game is loading, you will be able to shootaround with former Oklahoma sooner star Blake Griffin.


  • Real-life RPI ratings and stats from every Division I school are imported into the game every week.
  • The game features more than 100 improvements including player movement, rebounding, off-ball collisions, alley-oops, size-ups, and more.
  • Improved Coach Feedback System and Team Tempo Control enables users to execute their gameplan to perfection.
  • Dynasty mode enhancements

The game includes 325 of the 347 schools in NCAA Division I. Nine Programs that are fully classified as D-I were left out as well as 13 transitional programs.[6] Division II Chaminade is playable in the included Maui Invitational Tournament.

EA intended to release the game with the same 64 historical teams that were included in NCAA Basketball 09, but due to issues brought about by a lawsuit filed by former UCLA player Ed O'Bannon, they were removed from the game prior to release.[7]


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