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To be distinguished from N0 (disambiguation) (N followed by zero).

NO, N.O., No, or No. may refer to:

Geographical locations[edit]

Symbols and abbreviations[edit]

  • No (kana), a letter/syllable in Japanese script
  • No symbol, a circle with a diagonal line through it
  • Normally open, a type of electrical switch
  • No. or №, also called the Numero sign, an abbreviation of the word "Number"
  • No., an abbreviation for North
  • ISO 639-1 code for Norwegian language
  • NO, old universal abbreviation for Nord-Ost (North-East) winds

Film and television[edit]


Video games[edit]

  • , a (female) playable character in Koei's Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi


Political parties[edit]


  • Aus-Air, formerly "NO" in IATA airline designator code
  • Neos (airline), currently "NO" in IATA airline designator code

Other uses[edit]

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