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NRC's Best Dutch novels is a list of the most popular Dutch-language novels as of 2007.

This list is based on an internet survey on books, carried out by the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad in the beginning of 2007. The Dutch public originally voted for their best-loved books from a "long-list". From this, a "short-list" of ten books was drawn up for further voting. In March 2007 the final voting as shown below was presented on national television.

The list comprises 9 novels. The works by Nescio are three novellas which have been published together.

The 10 books[edit]

  1. Harry Mulisch, The Discovery of Heaven
  2. Kader Abdolah, The House of the Mosque
  3. Multatuli, Max Havelaar
  4. J. Bernlef, Hersenschimmen
  5. Willem Frederik Hermans, The Darkroom of Damocles
  6. Willem Frederik Hermans, Beyond Sleep
  7. J. J. Voskuil, Het bureau (Dutch)
  8. Nescio, De uitvreter, Titaantjes, Dichtertje
  9. Gerard Reve, De avonden (The evenings)
  10. Thomas Rosenboom, Publieke werken

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