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Nana may refer to:


  • Nana (given name), including a list of people and characters with the given name
  • Nana (surname), including a list of people and characters with the surname
  • Nana, an indigenous Australian group

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Religion and mythology [edit]

  • Nana (Afghan goddess), an Afghan war goddess
  • Nana (Greek mythology), a Phrygian demigoddess and the mother of Attis
  • Nana Buluku, the supreme goddess of the Fon people of Benin
  • Nanna (Norse deity), the wife of the god Baldre (Balder) in Norse mythology
  • Nane (goddess), also found as Nana, the Armenian goddess of war, wisdom, and motherhood
  • Sin (mythology), also found as Suen or called "Nanna, a Mesopotamian moon god
  • Nanaya, a goddess worshipped by the Sumerians and Akkadians, associated with the sky and earth
  • Jnana, also spelled ñana, the concept of knowledge in Hinduism and Buddhism


  • Nana berry or Rhus dentata, a deciduous tree species

Nana is a Latin adjective meaning dwarf and is found in species name like:

Latin binomial abbreviations for species



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