Nanana (Karmen Stavec song)

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Not to be confused with Na Na Na.
Slovenia "Nanana"
Eurovision Song Contest 2003 entry
Country Slovenia
Artist(s) Karmen Stavec
Language English
Composer(s) Martin Štibernik
Lyricist(s) Karmen Stavec
Finals performance
Final result 23rd
Final points 7
Appearance chronology
◄ "Samo ljubezen" (2002)   
"Stay Forever" (2004) ►

"Nanana" was the Slovene entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, sung by Karmen Stavec and performed in English. The song was performed 26th (last) on the night, following Sweden's Fame with "Give Me Your Love". At the close of voting the song had received 7 points, placing it twenty-third in a field of twenty six. It was succeeded as Slovene representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 by Platin with "Stay Forever" in the semi-finals.

A Slovene version of the song was performed by Stavec at EMA, the Slovene selection for Eurovision, titled "Lep poletni dan" ("A beautiful summer day").