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Nathon Gunn
Nathon Gunn Headshot.jpg
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Entrepreneur

Nathon Gunn (born November 4, 1973) is a Toronto-based Canadian new media entrepreneur whose company Bitcasters Inc. had its website suspended in May 2014 following claims that it might be being used for phishing and the distribution of malware.[1][2]

In 2009, his philanthropic game History Game Canada,[3] won a MacArthur Foundation award for Innovation in Participatory Learning.[4] It was inspired by and created in partnership with Tom Axworthy. Gunn was a founding Director of the Board for Serious Games Canada.[5]

Gunn is a film and TV director, producer and editor, and has won awards for various commercial and artistic endeavors such as short films and major-label music videos, including PromaxBDA Awards for Games and On Air Promotions for his work with the Family Channel and MuchMusic Video Awards for videos like Our Lady Peace’s “In Repair” (Spiritual Machines).[6]

Gunn currently serves as CEO of Lightning Platform, which has developed software for entrepreneurs. Lightning derived from Social Game Universe, for which Gunn was credited as lead game designer.[7] The company was a pioneer in cross application interaction and created an ad banner system, IGAPI,[8] that leverages social media and game mechanics for product discovery.[9]


Gunn is a former fellow of the Centre for the Study of Democracy at Queen's University and has served for half a dozen years as a Director of the Board of the Ontario Media Development Corporation under Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Ontario) and continuously on the Audit Committee.[10]

In 2009, Gunn founded Social Game Universe in Toronto, Canada, with the stated goal of creating a network of interconnected small casual games that in aggregate would form a digital universe of players interacting while playing diverse games.[11][12]

Lightning Ignite[edit]

In 2013, LightningPlatform / Lightning Ignite was spun out of Social Game Universe, and Gunn became CEO of the new company.[13]

Several innovative digital applications have been created with Lightning, including pioneering second screen applications for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television shows Over the Rainbow and Battle of the Blades.[14]

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