National Theatre of Scotland

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National Theatre of Scotland
National Theatre of Scotland logo.jpg
Formation 2006
Type Theatre group
Artistic director(s)

Laurie Sansom (current)

Vicky Featherstone (2004-2012)

The National Theatre of Scotland is a theatre company established in February 2006. The company performs in a wide range of venues including theatres, halls and found spaces across Scotland.

The creation of a national theatre was one of the commitments of the Scottish Executive's National Cultural Strategy.


Since its launch in February 2006, the National Theatre of Scotland has been involved in creating more than 200 productions in over 174 different locations.

The National Theatre of Scotland has no theatre building of its own. Instead it tours work to venues all around Scotland, from Shetland in the north to Dumfries and Galloway in the south.

The Company produces its own work and collaborates with other theatre companies, local authorities, and individual artists to create a variety of performances, from large-scale productions through to theatre specifically made for the smallest venues.

Many different spaces have been used for productions, as well as conventional theatres: airports and tower blocks, community halls and drill halls, ferries and forests. The National Theatre of Scotland also tours some of its work internationally (for example, Black Watch has toured to the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Korea).

Artistic direction[edit]

Laurie Sansom is the current Artistic Director, having taken up the post in March 2013.[1] Vicky Featherstone was the founding Artistic Director and held the post from before the theatre's launch in 2006, to 2013.[2]


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