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New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a charitable organisation based in London. It states its mission is to direct more funding to effective charities and help donors make more informed decisions on how to give. New Philanthropy Capital produces reports on issues of social welfare and analyses the workings of charities, primarily in the United Kingdom. NPC has been called "the equivalent of an equity-research firm for the philanthropic marketplace."[1]

NPC's research projects cover issues within community, education and health and disability. Examples of past projects include reports on cancer, truancy, autism and adults with mental health problems. NPC's research has been funded by grant-makers including the Big Lottery Fund, Lloyds TSB Foundations and the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts. All of NPC's reports are free to download from its website. The Guardian has described NPC's reports as of "indisputable" value.[2]

NPC also works with charities, developing tools to help them measure their own effectiveness. NPC produces a quarterly newsletter, Giving Insights, which can be downloaded from its website.


NPC started as a charitable organisation in 2002, and was founded by Peter Wheeler and Gavin Davies, two ex-Goldman Sachs employees, as an attempt to fill a gap in the philanthropic market. It currently has a staff of approximately forty.[3] NPC is one of a small number of organisations offering advice on philanthropy, including the Institute for Philanthropy [1] and Geneva Global.

Peter Wheeler was also an early supporter of Technology Trust.

In August 2009, NPC committed to preserving the website and brand of a mass-market charity with similar aims, which was being wound up, Intelligent Giving.[4]

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