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New York Fries
Industry Fast-food Restaurants
Founded Brantford, Ontario
Area served
Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Iraq.
Key people

Jay Gould

Chris O'Leary
Products French Fries, Hotdogs
Revenue Undisclosed
A billboard in Edmonton, Alberta
A New York Fries location Mississauga, Ontario

New York Fries is a Canadian fast food restaurant that mainly serves french fries and hot dogs. They also serve poutine, The Works (with chili, cheese sauce, sour cream, bacon bits and green onions), Veggie Works (with cheese sauce, sour cream, tomatoes and green onions), and Coca-Cola brand beverages.

There are locations in nine of the ten provinces in Canada,[1] as well as in South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Hong Kong and recently in Turkey.


New York Fries was founded in Brantford, Ontario by Jay Gould and his brother. In 1983 Jay and his brother were reading the New York Times and noticed an article that read: "The best french fries are at a little stand at the South Street Seaport." When the two brothers found the "little stand" they discovered New York Fries. They enjoyed the fries so much, they decided to buy the company. The location in New York City at South Street Seaport has since closed.

South St. Burger Co.[edit]

Recently[when?] the company has opened a chain of stores called South St. Burger Co. that makes the same fries as New York Fries and also sells hamburgers and salads. South St. Burger Co. has ten fast-food restaurant locations in the Greater Toronto Area, including four in Toronto and one each in Mississauga, Burlington, Aurora, Markham, Ajax,and Newmarket. Other locations include Barrie, Waterloo and Calgary. Another store has recently opened in Ajax and will soon open in Pickering. The name South St. Burger Co. comes from the name South Street Seaport, in New York City where the brothers founded the original New York Fries.

Despite the name of the company, there are no locations in New York City, New York State, or in the United States as of October 4, 2008. However, there were locations scattered about in Michigan shopping malls in the 1990s.[citation needed]

Corporate Stores[edit]

New York Fries has ten corporate stores in Canada. Seven of these stores are located in Toronto, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba and two stores in Windsor, Ontario.


There are over 201 locations across Canada, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Iraq. There have been no stores in the United States since the original closed in New York City.


There are franchises in nine of Canada's ten provinces (the only province that does not have a franchise is Prince Edward Island). Most locations are in shopping malls and movie theaters. There is also one in the University of Alberta, in the HUB mall.

Hong Kong[edit]

The first location in the Greater China Region opened in Hong Kong's Harbour City in December 2008. The franchise agreement requires them to open a minimum of 10 locations in Hong Kong and Macau within 5 years.

United Arab Emirates[edit]

New York Fries has fourteen stores in the UAE.[2]


The joint has multiple locations in Bahrain, which profit off of Saudi tourists.


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