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Nicolas Coster
Nicholas Coster 1975.JPG
Coster in 1975
Born (1934-12-03) December 3, 1934 (age 79)
London, United Kingdom

Nicolas Dwynn Coster (born December 3, 1934) is a British actor, most known for his work in daytime drama and as a character actor on nighttime television series, such as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Coster was born in London, United Kingdom to an American mother and a father from New Zealand who was a marine commander.[1] In daytime, he first appeared in the NBC soap opera Young Doctor Malone. Later, he created the role of Professor Paul Britton on The Secret Storm, a role that he played in 1964 and from 1967-1968. He played John Eldridge in both the primetime serialized drama Our Private World and later on As the World Turns. He also played Robert Delaney on two shows: Somerset and Another World.

Coster's first appearance on television was on an episode of The U.S. Steel Hour in 1959. Since then, he has racked up more than 80 appearances on three dozen television shows, guest-starring most notably as David Warner, the father of Blair Warner, on the sitcom The Facts of Life. He also spent one season on the NBC comedy Sheriff Lobo.

He returned to daytime television by first recreating his Robert Delaney role on Another World. He later played gangster-turned-informant Anthony Macana on One Life to Live. He then played the role of Lionel Lockridge on a new California-based serial Santa Barbara. He left his role on that show briefly - but long enough to play Steve Andrews on the ABC soap opera All My Children. He returned to act on Santa Barbara but the show was eventually canceled. He returned to play a second role on As the World Turns.

He is also famous for the television commercials that he has made through the years. One famous line that he said first was on a commercial for Geritol, a vitamin tonic: "My wife: I think I'll keep her."

Coster is currently married, with three children (two from a previous marriage to actress Candace Hilligoss).

Coster is also an active Scuba Diving Instructor and with his foundation teaches scuba diving and organizes sail trips for disabled person[2]

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