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Иo Иame Boys
NoNameBoys Logo.gif
Established 1992
Type Supporters' group
Team S.L. Benfica
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Stadium Estádio da Luz

The No Name Boys or Иo Иame Boys are a supporters' group of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, created on 4 March 1992. The No Name Boys gather in the south corner of the Estádio da Luz, known as Topo Sul.


No Name Boys at Estádio da Luz Topo Sul

Created after disagreements in another Benfica's supporters group Diabos Vermelhos, the initial idea was to stick together and call themselves the Diabos Vermelhos. However, that name was already registered by head members of the remaining Diabos Vermelhos so they became a dissent group with no name, therefore the "Иo Иame Boys".[1]

The No Name Boys made an immediate impact in the Portuguese claques (supporters groups), with massive presence of its members on all Benfica matches, either home or away. The simple "NN" logo, standard red/white/black letters banners, powerful chants and displays and some fierce rivalry episodes with other groups made them the most popular Portuguese claque during the early 1990s. By 1994, after only two years of activity, the group had around 5000 members (spread across Portugal and Portuguese communities around Europe), about the same number of main rivals Juve Leo (Sporting Lisbon), Portuguese oldest ultra group.

In 1996, after an incident during the Portuguese Cup final match, which resulted in the death of a Sporting supporter, the No Name Boys almost disbanded. However, the group managed to survive, rebuild themselves and overcome the "criminal" image pictured by the media and Portuguese authorities. Also the group created a unique style in the Portuguese supporters groups scene, distancing themselves from the traditional Italian-influenced ultras style, which was the lead current in Portugal during the 1990s and early 2000s.[1][2]

The group is known for its secrecy, with no leading figures known to the public-eye, no website and no open membership, unlike most of the Portuguese supporters groups. The No Name Boys rarely use elaborate displays at the stands and do not use any kind of sound support. They prefer a more simple approach, using only a few large flags, flares and their own vocal support. Salutes are often heard at the group's stand.[3]

The No Name Boys are well known for their devotion and passionate support for Benfica on all its sports and activities, specially football and futsal. However, the group is also known by its unconditional defense of Benfica's best interests, being usual to see its members engaging in protests against the club board, staff or players whenever they feel things are not right. Those protests can be silent presences at the matches or explicit criticism at the club's members meetings.

In Portugal supporter groups are obligated to register at the Conselho Nacional do Desporto (CND). The No Name Boys choose not, so "legally" they cannot be supported by the club.[4][5][6]

No Name Boys in a match against Getafe CF

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