Northern and Pacific Junction Railway

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The Northern and Pacific Junction Railway (N&PJ) is a historic Canadian railway located in northern Ontario.

It was constructed in the 1880s to connect the railways of Southern Ontario to the new transcontinental line of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), from the Northern Railway of Canada, at Gravenhurst, to Nipissing Junction, near North Bay.

Owned jointly by the Northern Railway of Canada and the Hamilton and North-Western Railway, the N & P J railway was created March 4, 1881, by Canadian charter, under the name Northern, North-Western, and Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company. Construction was commenced at Gravenhurst in 1885 and completed to a connection with the CPR in 1886. The N & P J along with its operating company, the Northern and North-Western Railway, was absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railway, in 1888 and later by Canadian National Railways. This rail line continues to exist as Canadian National's Newmarket subdivision.

Principal stations along this route, from Gravenhurst are: