Northmen: A Viking Saga

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Northmen - A Viking Saga
Directed by Claudio Fäh
Produced by Ralph S. Dietrich
Karin G. Dietrich
Daniel Höltschi
Frank Kaminski
Ulrich Stiehm
Rolf Wappenschmitt
Marco Del Bianco
Giselher Venzke
Bertha Spieker
Screenplay by Matthias Bauer
Bastian Zach
Starring Tom Hopper
Ryan Kwanten
Ken Duken
Charlie Murphy
Ed Skrein
Anatole Taubman
Leo Gregory
James Norton
Darrell D'Silva
Johan Hegg
Danny Keogh
Music by Marcus Trumpp
Cinematography Lorenzo Senatore
Edited by Adam Recht ACE
Elite Film Produktion AG
Jumping Horse Film GmbH
Two Oceans Production PTY Ltd.
Distributed by The Salt Company[1]
Entertainment One
Elite Film AG
Ascot Elite Filmverleih GmbH
Release dates
October 9th, 2014
Running time
95 minutes
Country Switzerland/Germany/South Africa
Language English

Northmen - A Viking Saga is a 2014 historical action film by Swiss director Claudio Fäh. It is an English language film, produced by Swiss production house Elite Film Produktion AG (Zurich) in co-production with Jumping Horse Film GmbH (Hannover) and Two Oceans Production PTY Ltd (Cape Town). [2]


A crew of Viking raiders, under the command of their young leader, Asbjörn, are caught in a vicious storm; their longboat is dashed to pieces on the coast of Alba (Today: Scotland, UK). Trapped deep within enemy territory, in a land totally unknown to them, the shipwrecked mens' only chance of survival is to reach the safety of the Viking stronghold Danelagh.

With only the help of a friendly monk, who preaches with his sword, they cut a bloody swath through anyone who gets in their way. But the journey becomes a race for their lives when the King of Alba sends his most feared mercenaries after them. Traversing an unfamiliar and hostile land, they are pursued relentlessly. However, the hunters become the hunted when the Northmen, eager for battle, set deadly traps and mercilessly decimate their pursuers one by one... [3]



The film is directed by Hollywood-based Swiss director Claudio Fäh (Sniper: Reloaded, Hollow Man 2) after a script by two Austrians Mattias Bauer and Bastian Zach, the writers of the Swiss horror film One Way Trip 3D.[4]


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