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Traditional Tamil women double nostril piercing in Tamil Nadu, India.

A nose-jewel is a piece of jewellery that was worn on a nose.

In the Bible, nose-jewels are mentioned in Isaiah 3:21, and referred to in Ezekiel 16:12, Genesis 24:47, Proverbs 11:22, and Hosea 2:13. They were among the most valued of female ornaments. They were made of ivory or metal, occasionally jewelled, more than an inch in diameter, and hung upon the mouth. Eliezer gave one to Rebekah which was gold and weighed half a shekel.

At the present day, the women in various parts of the world, especially East Asia wear these ornaments, attached through a piercing on the side of the nostril. Small gems or studs carried on a piercing have become fashionable for (mostly) young women in the West in recent years.

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