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Novolukoml is a city in Chashniki district, Vitsebsk Voblast, Belarus by Lukoml Lake. Lukoml power station is located in the city.[1]


Novolukoml was first mentioned in 1463 as a Polish and Lithuanian commonwealth camp. It was later captured by the Russians in the 18th century. It was later a Soviet city. The Fedorov Avtomat was actually first tested in Novolukoml. In 1941 it was successfully captured by the Germans and recaptured sometime in between May and August 1943. There were also various clashes by Russian gangs in 1990 because Belarus was gaining independence.


Ethnic Group Percentage
Belarusians 68.7%
Russians 12.3%
Tatars 9%
Lithuanians 3.6%
Other 6.4%


Coordinates: 54°38′56″N 29°10′09″E / 54.64889°N 29.16917°E / 54.64889; 29.16917