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For the 5-bit code meaning, see the middle finger.
OOIOO performing at All Tomorrow's Parties, 2004
Background information
Origin Japan
Genres Experimental rock, electronica, alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, noise pop
Years active 1995–present
Labels Trattoria Records, Thrill Jockey
Associated acts Boredoms
Website ooioo.jp
Members Yoshimi P-We
Past members Kyoko

OOIOO /ˌˌˌˌˈ/ is a group founded by Boredoms drummer (and occasional trumpeter and vocalist) Yoshimi P-We.[1]

According to AllMusic's Kieran McCarthy "It's next to impossible to describe their sound, because — by design — it rarely follows consistent patterns".[1] Some of their music has been described as having "a majestic ebb and flow that suggests natural wonders"[2] or a "witchy, tribal side".[2] Either way, at any one time it may incorporate chanting and punchy drums,[2] dancey polyrhythms[3] atonal composition[3] or psychedelia.[4]


OOIOO was allegedly founded as a "fake band for a magazine photo shoot" and would later open for Sonic Youth in 1997 with "stickers on their fretboards to indicate where their fingers should go".[5]


The majority of OOIOO's music originates from improvisations.[6] When asked about OOIOO's songwriting process in an interview with Pitchfork.com Yoshimi (P-we) Yokota stated,

When you transform improvisation into a song that people can listen to, it is difficult to recreate the initial improvisation each time because you have to play in a different time and space.

In order to utilize the initial impulse of improvisation, we restructure improvisation into songs. Once the song is structured, it is no longer improvisation."[6]

When asked to compare this with Boredoms songwriting process she said,

Actually, the Boredoms songs are more structured even to the smaller details compared to OOIOO. It's almost as if our breathing is even decided on beforehand."[6]






Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Kyoko — guitar
  • Maki — bass guitar
  • Yoshico — drums (Her real name is Yuka Yoshimura. She is currently a member of CATSUOMATICDEATH, METALCHICKS, and a former member of DMBQ)

Guest musicians[edit]


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