Obva River

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Obva River
Kama basin.png
Scheme of the Kama River Basin.
Origin Upper Kama Upland
Mouth Kama River
Basin countries Russia
Length 247 km (153 mi)
Basin area 6,720 km2 (2,590 sq mi)

Obva (Russian: Обва) – is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, a right tributary of the Kama River. It starts in the Upper Kama Upland, in the west part of Sivinsky District, near the border of Kirov oblast. It flows into Kama Reservoir, 780 kilometres (480 mi) from the confluence of the Kama and the Volga. It is 247 kilometres (153 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 6,720 square kilometres (2,590 sq mi).

The Obva is frozen from late October to late April or early May.

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Coordinates: 58°32′20″N 55°27′06″E / 58.53889°N 55.45167°E / 58.53889; 55.45167