Odd Apocalypse (book)

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Odd Apocalypse
Author Dean Koontz
Country United States
Language English
Genre Thriller, Mystery
Publisher Bantam Publishing
Publication date
Media type Paperback
Pages 368
ISBN 978-0553807745
Preceded by Odd Hours
Followed by Deeply Odd

Odd Apocalypse (2012) is the fifth thriller novel in the Odd Thomas series by American writer Dean Koontz.

Plot summary[edit]

Odd Thomas and his traveling companion Annamaria have been invited by a reclusive billionaire to be his guests at his sprawling estate, Roseland. However, something is deeply wrong in the sprawling property. The staff, the few there are, are jumpy and filled with odd hints and concerns.

Odd can't just gather his friend, their dogs and leave. Despite the warnings, Annamaria, who has secrets of her own, has informed Odd that Roseland has secrets far more sinister than just a propensity for cleanliness. There's someone deep inside the estate who is going to need his help.


Odd Thomas[edit]

"I see dead people. But then, by God, I do something about it." – Odd Thomas pg. 32

Odd follows Annamaria to Roseland and trusts her when she tells him he is there for a reason. Early in his stay, he is overcome with a vision, but not just a typical vision for a person who has the ability to see dead souls that have yet to cross over. He sees a woman riding a horse in a long white dress, with red blood stains from fatal gunshot wounds that she received while alive. Along with this woman, the sky behind her turns an unnatural orange and he sees what looks like giant bats with wing spans as long as ten feet. After this he knows something is not right with Roseland.


Annamaria is a young pregnant woman, whom Odd met in Magic Beach in the fourth book, Odd Hours. After leaving Magic Beach with Odd, she convinces Noah Wolflaw to let the two stay at the guest house of the Roseland estate.

Noah Wolflaw[edit]

Owner of the Roseland estate. He purchased the property from former newspaper mogul Constanine Cloyce who built the estate in the 1920s. He has several live-in full-time staff members from housekeepers, gardeners, and security staff. He is well liked by his staff and the Roseland estate is always in pristine condition.

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