Old Synagogue (Auckland)

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Old Synagogue, Auckland

The Old Synagogue is a 19th-century building at 19A Princes Street in central Auckland, New Zealand, that was formerly a synagogue. It is now called University House, and is part of the University of Auckland.

A Jewish community had been present in Auckland since its founding in 1840. The synagogue building, which blends Moorish and classical elements, was designed and built by Edward Bartley in 1884–1885,[1] and the synagogue opened on 9 November 1885.[2] In 1967 the congregation moved to larger premises on Greys Avenue, overlooking Myers Park.[3]

The old synagogue building was left vacant and deteriorated over the following years, until it was carefully restored in 1989 to serve as a branch of the National Bank.[4] The University of Auckland has leased it since 2003, and it now houses the University's External Relations offices.[5]

The building has a Category I listing with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.[6]


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Coordinates: 36°50′56″S 174°46′09″E / 36.848773°S 174.769244°E / -36.848773; 174.769244