Oyster River (British Columbia)

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The Oyster River is located on the east side of Vancouver Island between Courtenay and Campbell River, British Columbia, in Canada.[1] The Oyster River runs from Pearl Lake to Saratoga Beach, and its lower reach forms the boundary between the Comox Valley Regional District to the south and the Strathcona Regional District to the north. Spawning channels located on the river are visited yearly by many salmon. The community of Oyster River, British Columbia is located just north of the river's estuary.[2]


Rockhounds have reported finding Specimens of porphyry (flower stone) around Oyster River.[3]

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Coordinates: 49°52′00″N 125°07′00″W / 49.86667°N 125.11667°W / 49.86667; -125.11667