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The Palaeontographical Society is a learned society established in 1847 and specifically devoted to the advancement of palaeontographical knowledge, i.e., palaeontology. It is the oldest existing organization with this specific purpose.

The Society publishes monographs that further its primary purpose, which is to promote the description and illustration of British fossil floras and faunas.[1] Since starting in March 1848 with Searles Valentine Wood's work,[2] the Society has published over 600 monographs. The Society also funds research related to British fossils.

Selected titles published by the Society[edit]

  • 1851, Darwin's Monograph of the Fossil Lepadidae
  • 1854, Darwin's Monograph of the Fossil Balanidae
  • 1869, Owen's Monograph of the Fossil Reptilia of the Liassic
  • 1871, Owen's Monograph of the Fossil Mammals of the Liassic

Publications continue today, for example:

  • 2009, Donovan, S.K., Lewis, D.N., Fearnhead, F.E. & Widdison, R.E. The British Silurian Crinoidea. Part 1, introduction and Disparida. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London.

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