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Paradox Engineering SA
Industry Smart Grid, Smart City, Energy management, Machine to Machine, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network, Virtual Network Operator, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Satellite communications
Founded Novazzano, Ticino Canton, Switzerland (2005)
Headquarters Novazzano, Ticino Canton, Switzerland
Area served
Key people
Gianni Minetti, President and CEO
Products IPv6/6LoWPAN based communication network, Virtual Network Operator, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Urban and Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks, OEM Solutions
Website Official website, PE.STONE

Paradox Engineering SA is a Swiss technology company developing virtual network solutions for data collection and remote device control. The company operates through global virtual networks for industrial remote monitoring (oil & gas industry,[1] Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plants [2] and more), urban and industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Smart Grid / Smart City.[3]

The solutions provided by the company are based on IPv6 / 6LoWPAN open standard protocol and interoperable with other systems or applications.

It was established in 2005, with headquarters in Switzerland and branch offices in Singapore,[4] Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),[5] Catania (Italy) and San Francisco.


Paradox Engineering was founded in 2005 in Novazzano, Ticino Canton, Switzerland. At the beginning, it started working on industrial wireless sensor networks solutions entering the remote and condition monitoring and telemetry market in 2010.

In 2011, it enters the Smart Metering, Smart Grid and Smart City markets with the introduction of a smart metering solution (PE.AMI).[6] The sales operations were extended to Asia Pacific, with the opening of branch offices in Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), starting to serve the Machine to Machine and SCADA markets.

In 2011 the company signed some agreements with other technology companies such as NEC,[7] in order to provide Smart Grid solutions to the market, and Abertis telecom,[8] to develop new solutions related to Smart Grid and Smart Cities.

The company was acknowledged with the Living Labs Global Award 2012 for presenting a wireless sensor network solution to meet the needs of San Francisco’s multifunctional wireless network.[9]

In 2012 Paradox Engineering and Streetlight.Vision [10] have partnered to offer smart city solutions, including street light management.

The company has worked in collaboration with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for a pilot project supporting the management of streetlights, Ev charging stations, electric meters and traffic signals management in the city.[11]

In 2012 the company opened a branch office in San Francisco (North America).

In 2013 the city of Paris implements the company’s technology to manage public lighting along the Voies sur Berges.[12]

In May 2013 the company launched PE.STONE solution to connect wirelessly multiple applications,[13] entering the Internet of Things market.

In June 2013 Paradox Engineering was chosen for the delivery of a Smart City project in Chiasso, Switzerland.[14]

In 2013 other partnerships were signed by the company with Philips Lighting [15] to develop solutions for road and street lighting management, with Oracle[16] for integrated Smart City solutions and with Luminaid.[17]

In November 2013, the company announced the launch of a new vertical solution for parking management, which will support utilities and municipalities to reduce traffic congestion and offering an improved service to citizens.[18]

December 2, 2013 Paradox Engineering announced the Japanese multinational Company Minebea Co. Ltd have joined the company as shareholder to further strengthen the presence in Smart City/Smart Grid, smart building and industrial sensor network markets.[19]

December 2013, Paradox Engineering announced a new Smart city project in Switzerland for 2014: Bellinzona, the Capital of Ticino Canton, will implement the company's multipurpose platform PE.AMI for lighting management.[20]


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