Love Party (Italy)

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Love Party (Italy)
Partito dell'Amore
Leader Moana Pozzi
President Ilona Staller
Secretary Riccardo Schicchi
Founded 12 July 1991
Dissolved 1994
Headquarters Via Cassia, 1818 - 00123, Rome
Ideology Libertarianism[1]
Christian left
Political position Centre[2] to
Official website
Politics of Italy
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Love Party (Italian: Partito dell'Amore, PdA) is a political party in Italy co-founded on July 12, 1991 by pornstars Moana Pozzi and Ilona Staller, the latter a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Political line[edit]

The party was organized by Riccardo Schicchi, Cicciolina's manager, as a parody of the traditional political parties. However, it was later identified as a counterculture movement by exponents Mauro Biuzzi and Marcella Zingarini.[3]


After a brief alliance with Carlo Fatuzzo's Pensioner's Party,[4] Pozzi ran unsuccessfully for the parliament at the general election in 1992.[5] In 1993, Pozzi ran for the Mayor of Rome.[6]


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