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Patty Hou
Patty Hou@Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011.JPG
Hou at the 2011 Taipei New Year's Eve Party
Chinese name 侯佩岑 (traditional)
Chinese name 侯佩岑 (simplified)
Pinyin Hóu Pèicén (Mandarin)
Born (1977-12-20) December 20, 1977 (age 37)
Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation TV host, news anchor, actress
Label(s) Fu Long Production Co., Ltd.
Years active 2001-present
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hou.

Patty Hou (Chinese: 侯佩岑; pinyin: Hóu Pèicén; born December 20, 1977 [1] in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China) is a former news anchor in Taiwan who resigned her position after a Hong Kong magazine revealed her relationship with Taiwanese R&B singer Jay Chou in February 2005. She subsequently hosted an entertainment program on Azio TV and has published the book Patty's About Love.


Hou graduated with a degree in mass communications and psychology from the University of Southern California. She was a news anchor for TTV, Era News and CTi before resigning in 2004 and venturing into the entertainment scene.[2]

Hou is currently an anchor at Azio TV for Entertainment in Asia (every weekday, 19:00-20:00) and for fashion news at Eranews (Saturdays, 12:00-12:30). She is also the spokeswoman for DHC cosmetics. She has also hosted the Star Awards, Singapore's Chinese language television awards, twice and the 2009 concert Huaren • Night in Phoenix City Concert. She continues to host her weekly show, "Entertainment Asia". Hou has also starred in several Taiwan and mainland China television series.


Hou's name is attached to a number of male personalities such as former Taiwanese group L.A. Boyz members Stanley Huang and Steven Lin, the son of KMT chairman and former Taiwanese Vice-President Lien Sheng Wen, Zhang Rui Zhang and more. Each of these men come from well-known families. The media speculated that she would soon marry into a family of immense wealth and fame until her relationship with Jay Chou became public. The two first met on August 2004. At that time Jay attend the program where Hou was the host to promote his new album "Qi Li Xiang". After their first meeting, Jay attended Patty's program three more times, which is a lot for the same TV station. Jay also invited Patty to attend his concert and gave flowers to him for the release of his new book "Di Diao De Hua Li". According to Next Magazine, their relationship got warmer when they performed together at a charity event for the Tsunami victims on January 2005, where Jay played the piano and Patty sang. The paparrazzi started to spot them and ask about their relationship, which they did not admit at that time. Her relationship with Jay Chou was revealed by Next Magazine when were photographed on vacation together in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan on the third day of Chinese New Year February 2005. The "Chou-Hou" relationship was the most popularly reported high-profile relationship of 2005. In mid-2005, Chou stepped out of his car and confronted the paparrazzi that was following his car. After stepping out of his car, he flipped the reporters off . Hou has since then been heavily berated for smiling as she sat in Chou's car and watched her boyfriend's actions. She denied having done so even though the pictures and video footage the paparrazzi provides indicates her smiling. Their relationship remains under tight scrunity by the media. Both fans and anti-fans have heated debates on the nature of the relationship, but generally the public are savvy of any kind of tabloid they can get their hands on.

In May 2006, news of the couple's break-up circulated. Jay Chou also denied ever dating Hou, and claims that he never admitted dating Hou. However, in June 2006, during the Golden Melody half time show, Patty surprisingly appeared as a special guest in the singing of "We Love Taiwanese girls" featuring MC Hot Dog and Chang Chen Yue. She made an ironic twist in the remake of this popular song, along with an intro rap sung and written by Jay Chou. The audience responded Patty's appearance with shock and awe, claiming that she brilliantly upstaged the performance with her glamour image and rapping ability. At one time during the performance, she even took a bikini top out of Zhang's pocket and threw it to the crowd. This caused another stir in the audience. The half-time event indirectly proved that their relationship is still going strong.

In September 2006, Patty confirmed that her relationship with Jay ended.



  • 2001: Trainee reporter at Taiwan Television (TTV).
  • 2002: English news anchor at CTi TV.
  • 2003: the anchor of ERA News Channel
  • 2004–2005: the anchor of ERA News and ERA Fashion News, AZIO TV's Entertainment-News@Asia anchor, and the Editor of Patty's about magazine book.
  • 2005: Host with Matilda Tao and ChiLing, Lin for the 16th Golden Melody Award at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  • 2005: Host with Guo Liang for the 2005 Star Awards in Singapore.
  • 2006: Host with Guo Liang for the 2006 Star Awards in Singapore.
  • She participated in the dubbing of the film "Flushed Away" (Taiwan Chinese version), Patty has been dubbed the voice of the character of Rita into Mandarin Chinese.
  • 2007: Host with Matilda Tao for the 18th Golden Melody Award at Taipei Arena, Taiwan.

TV series[edit]

  • 2007: Sweet Relationship 美味關係 as Chung Bai Hui
  • 2010 : Love Buffet 愛似百匯 Ai Si Bai Hui as 穎芝 Ying Zhi (特別演出/ Special Performance)
  • 2011 你猜你猜你猜猜猜 Guess Guess Guess with Jacky Wu


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