Petar Berislavić

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Petar Berislavić, Trogir

Petar Berislavić (or Péter Beriszló in Hungarian) (Trogir, 1475 – May 20, 1520), a member of the Berislavići Trogirski noble family, was the ban (viceroy) of Croatia from 1513 to 1520 and also bishop of Veszprém.

Petar was born in Trogir. Before he became ban he rose to the title of bishop of Veszprém in the Roman Catholic Church. He is most known for being one of the leaders of the Croats during the Ottoman invasions into their territory. He is also said to have been an associate of the writer Marko Marulić.

Petar had two decisive victories against the Ottoman force. The first in 1513 near Dubica and the second in 1518 near Jajce. In 1520 he was killed and beheaded near Bihać.

Preceded by
Emerik Perényi
Ban of Croatia
Succeeded by
Ivan Karlović