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Peter Schaffer (born 1962) is an American sports agent who represents players in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. He is founder and owner of Authentic Athletix, a Colorado based sports agency, and is known for representing highly drafted players and marquis names[1]

Schaffer represents more than 100 athletes and celebrities both active and retired including Joe Thomas, Phil Taylor, Barry Sanders, Trevor Pryce, Joshua Cribbs, Russell Okung and Hakeem Nicks.[2]


Early years[edit]

Schaffer was born in 1962 in upstate New York. He attended the The Hill School, in Pottstown, PA on athletic and academic scholarship, graduating in 1980 with honors. Schaffer then attended Franklin and Marshall College, graduating in 1984 with honors while playing both varsity lacrosse and hockey. In 1987 he graduated from Brooklyn Law School and in 1988 played professional lacrosse in the American Lacrosse Lague (ALL) for the Denver Rifles.

Personal - Married to Alison E. Schaffer (1998) with two children, Lilain (2000) and Gavin (2004).

All Pro Sports and Entertainment[edit]

After law school Schaffer joined All Pro Sports and Entertainment as Vice President, Shareholder and Special Counsel. During this time he negotiated some of the most lucrative deals in NFL history.

Contract Highlights[edit]


Made Barry Sanders highest paid player in NFL history.[3] Made Chad Brown the highest paid linebacker in NFL history.[4]


Made Trevor Pryce the highest paid defensive player in NFL history.[5]


Made Joe Thomas the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history.[6]

Authentic Athletix[edit]

In 2011 Schaffer started his own agency called Authentic Athletix, a sports and entertainment agency.[2]

Association with John "JR" Rickert[edit]

Schaffer, who originally mentored Rickert in 1999, recently added him to his team at the new Authentic Athletix, giving them a total client base of over 125 professional athletes and entertainers. Together Schaffer and Rickert have negotiated some of the biggest contracts in the NFL including: Joshua Cribbs (2010), Kevin Burnett (2011), and Joe Thomas (2011). They attended Super Bowl XLVI together and celebrated the New York Giants' victory with clients Hakeem Nicks and David Diehl.

Media Presence[edit]

Schaffer is highly regarded as an expert on the business of sports, appearing on ABC Nightly News,[7] Fox Sports,[8] the Dan Patrick Show,[9] HBO Real Sports and 60 Minutes.[10] He has also co hosted shows on KFFN (Denver) and Altitude Sports Network. His thoughts on the NFL can be read regularly in his national column for the Washington Post’s “Inside the League.” He has served as a Professor of Sports Law at the University of Denver, and has lectured at Tulane University Law School, University of Colorado Business School, Johnson and Wales University, University of Colorado Law School and the University of New York-Cortland among others. He has also served as Chairman of the Denver Cable Commission and the Denver Professional Lacrosse Commission. He is a member of the Agent Advisory Board of the NFL Players Union and is a member in good standing of both the NFLPA and NHLPA.


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