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Logo of online photo editor (pronounced "pixy-o") is a digital asset management and digital image processing app developed by TopTechPhoto. It enables photographers to perform raw developing in a web-browser. Unlike traditional desktop software like Aperture or Lightroom, it has client-server architecture which allows to continue working process from another computer or device without additional setup. first appeared in the article on Gigaom [1] with the video demonstrating that DNG image can be demosaiced in a browser.

Image can be edited after it is dragged into a browser because raw processing happens on a client side, meanwhile, image file is being uploaded to a cloud storage. WebGL responsible for number-crunching on raw image data is what makes this approach possible.[2] Service will most likely be using Freemium model, with a free plan limited in the number of photos that can be edited per month. [3] It is currently available as an alpha version for users of Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.[4] The service always keeps the original image data and uses the concept of non-destructive editing. Final image is being rendered at the export stage (the adjustment parameters made by a user are visible in real-time). JPEG, CR2, NEF and DNG images can be imported from local disk or Google Drive.[5] TopTechPhoto, the company behind this product, is founded by Konstantin Shtondenko, Yevgeniy Shpika and Vlad Tsepelev who have backgrounds in medical imaging and commercial photography.[6]

Online raw converter by TopTechPhoto supports .cr2, .nef, .arw, .orf, .pef, .raf, .dng files. Canon's and Nikon's raw formats .cr2 and .nef have full support that includes raw data editing.


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