Plymouth Notch Cemetery

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Plymouth Notch Cemetery
Plymouth Notch Cemetery.jpg
Established pre-1800[1]
Location Plymouth Notch, Vermont
Country United States
Coordinates 43°31′52″N 72°43′24″W / 43.531034°N 72.723398°W / 43.531034; -72.723398

The Plymouth Notch Cemetery in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, is the burial place for 30th President of the United States Calvin Coolidge, as well as his wife Grace, children (Calvin Coolidge, Jr. 1908-1924, John Coolidge 1906-2000), and other members of the Coolidge family.[2]


Coordinates: 43°31′52″N 72°43′24″W / 43.53108°N 72.72327°W / 43.53108; -72.72327