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Podesta Group, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Lobbying and Public relations
Founded 1988
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Key people Anthony T. Podesta, Chairman
Kimberley Fritts, CEO
Products Government relations
Revenue N/A
Employees 70
Website podestagroup.com

The Podesta Group is a lobbying and public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C.. It was founded in 1988 by brothers John Podesta and Tony Podesta and has previously been known as Podesta Associates, podesta.com and PodestaMattoon.[1][2][3] The firm most recently reorganized in January 2007 after current Chairman Tony Podesta split with former business partner Dan Mattoon.[4]

Podesta Group represents U.S. corporations, as well as non-profits, associations and governments.[5] It "has close ties to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration."[6]

The firm reported earning $27.4 million in lobbying fees in 2011.[7] In 2007, Chairman Tony Podesta was ranked by his peers as the third most influential lobbyist in Washington.[8]

Selected clients[edit]

Tony Podesta with Senator Kay Hagan and husband Chip at a 2009 party hosted by Podesta Group

The Podesta Group has been retained by Wal-Mart, BP and Lockheed Martin."[6] Other clients include Abdisalam Omer, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Amgen, Bank Of America, Cherokee Nation (Casinos), Cintas, Covidien, Duke Energy, Egypt, Genentech, General Dynamics, Harrah's Entertainment, Heineken, Merck, Michelin, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), National Public Radio (NPR), Nestle, Novartis, Orange County, Florida, Raytheon, Reed Elsevier, Republic of Albania, Republic of Georgia, Sallie Mae, Sunoco, Synthetic Genomics, TJX Companies, Tyco Electronics, and United Technologies.[9][10][11]

In addition, the Podesta Group acts as a lobbyist for Egypt on U.S. policies of concern, activities in Congress and the Executive branch, and developments on the U.S. political scene generally,' according to forms filed with the Justice Department in 2009."[6][12]

They also received revenue of $900,000 over the last two years from the "European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a Brussels-based organization sympathetic to Yanukovich and his political party".[13]


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