Port of Coos Bay

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Port of Coos Bay
Country United States
Location Coos Bay, Oregon
Coordinates 43°25′45″N 124°13′45″W / 43.42917°N 124.22917°W / 43.42917; -124.22917Coordinates: 43°25′45″N 124°13′45″W / 43.42917°N 124.22917°W / 43.42917; -124.22917
Owned by Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
Lumber docks 3
Main exports Wood products
Port of Coos Bay

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay is a port of the Pacific coast of the United States, located in Coos Bay near the city of Coos Bay, Oregon. It is the largest deep-draft coastal harbor between San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound, and is Oregon's second busiest maritime commerce center after the Port of Portland. The Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad operates the Coos Bay Rail Link which connects the port to Eugene, Oregon and the national rail network.

In the mid-1900s, the Port of Coos Bay held the title of "world's largest lumber shipping port".[1] Lumber ships loaded with whole-log loads of the region's prized Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Port Orford Cedar timber were a common site at the docks.

The port was damaged on March 11, 2011, by a tsunami caused by the Tōhoku earthquake off the coast of Japan.[2]


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