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Proud may refer to:



  • Albert Proud (born 1988), Australian rules football player
  • Andrew Proud (born 1954), Anglican Bishop of Reading and former Area Bishop for the Horn of Africa in the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
  • Bill Proud (1919-1961), English cricketer
  • David Proud (born 1983), English actor born with spina bifida
  • Geoffrey Proud (born 1946), Australian painter
  • George Proud (born 1939), Canadian politician
  • Ted Proud (born 1930), British postal historian and philatelic writer
  • Gabriel O'Donohoe (born 1990), British Runner and Bartender


  • Proud (film), a 2004 film dramatizing the story of the African American crew of the USS Mason (DE-529)
  • Proud (John Stanley play), a 2009 play that examines the implications of being "out and proud" as a gay man
  • Proud Island, South Georgia, Atlantic Ocean

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